Slippery-Hill Project


Members of the Brandywine Friends Of Old Time Music who either play or are interested in old time music are, likely, aware of a website called Slippery-Hill ( Created by fiddler Larry Warren, the site originally contained audio versions of fiddle tunes, divided by key. When the Milliner-Koken Collection of American Fiddle Tunes, a project supported by the BFOTM, was published, Larry Warren, with the agreement of Clare Milliner and Walt Koken, placed on the Slippery Hill website audio versions of the sources of each tune in the book. Since then, Slippery-Hill has been expanded further, and now also contains audio versions of the tunes in several other widely respected books about regional fiddle styles. In short, Slippery-Hill has become the go to place on the web for old time musicians. And Larry has been contacted about further expansion of the material contained in the Slippery-Hill website. This expansion, as well as maintaining the website in its present form, comes at a cost. Larry needs to hire a programmer, and he has expenses associated with making the website more useful and user friendly.

Because Slippery-Hill has become such an important source of tunes for old time musicians, the BFOTM Board has concluded that supporting Slippery-Hill is within its mission of encouraging the preservation of traditional American music. Therefore, the Board decided to create a special project to solicit tax deductible support for Slippery-Hill. Persons wishing to help Slippery-Hill with its maintenance costs should send their tax deductible contributions to the Brandywine Friends Of Old Time Music (or “BFOTM”), care of Sheldon Sandler, 112 Ponds Lane, Wilmington, Delaware 19807. Please specify in your check or in a separate note that the contribution is for the Slippery-Hill Project.